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ProMelius, based in the heart of Hervey Bay, stands out as a premier provider of comprehensive physiotherapy services, offering both in-clinic and home-based treatments. They are particularly renowned for their dedication to creating personalised care plans for NDIS participants, with a special focus on aiding individuals with disabilities. ProMelius prides itself on its ability to enhance mobility, increase strength, and foster greater independence among its clients, developing each plan to uniquely address the specific requirements and goals of each individual.

Their mobile physiotherapy service is a testament to their commitment to accessibility and convenience, bringing top-notch, professional care directly to the client's doorstep. This unique service ensures that high-quality physiotherapy is not just limited to the clinic setting but is extended into the comfort and privacy of the home, making it ideal for those who may find travel challenging.

The team at ProMelius comprises highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who are not just experts in their field but are also compassionate and dedicated to delivering empathetic care. They understand that each client's journey towards better health is unique and requires a nuanced approach. This understanding is reflected in their comprehensive assessments, evidence-based treatment methods, and ongoing support throughout the rehabilitation process.

Allan Villappaly

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

Alex Thottappilly

Senior Physiotherapist

Sharna Manski

Administration/Accounts Officer

Jade Marshall

Quality control officer

Sujan Karki


Chloe Jenkins

Allied Health Assistant


Director of sleeping and lounging activities


Chief Motivation Officer

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