Aged Care


Physiotherapy to help our older adults to maintain their health, well-being, functional ability and independence.
ProMelius Physiotherapists have a vital and important role in working with elderly people in our communities. They are involved in preventing disease and disability, treating current conditions, managing inpatient care and following up in the community. Our Physio’s can identify the issues that are making the greatest impact on a senior’s life and help them work to improve those, leading to a better quality of life and continued independence.
ProMelius Aged Care Physiotherapy services are detailed in the assessment, treatment and long-term management of older people.

Facility Providers have access to our unique AN-ACC optimisation systems to achieve optimal funding outcomes in the most cost-effective manner

Whether that treatment and assessment is in homes, hospitals, aged care facilities, retirement villages or nursing homes, our ProMelius Aged Care Physiotherapists come directly to where ever you want them. This removes the trauma and difficulty of having to travel to appointments, meaning elderly patients can get the care they need easily.
There are many reasons why seniors may need Physiotherapy support. The benefits of Physiotherapy for seniors include;

  • Improve or slow the decline in performing activities of daily living
  • Reduce the decline in functional ability
  • Recuperation from fractures
  • Aid mobility
  • Increased muscle strength, flexibility, balance and control
  • Reduce the risk of falls
  • Pain management
  • Manage the behavioral and psychological
  • Improve cognition and mood
  • Staying active and remaining independent

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