Exercising in warm water has been known to have positive health effects for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans all had bath houses in their ancient cities.
Exercising in warm water with our university trained therapists combines the soothing weightless effects of the water with the movement facilitation, gentle stretching, mobilizing and light resistance exercises that the therapist can incorporate.

Positive effects of hydrotherapy include:

  • More freedom of movement, easier walking due to the support of the water
  • Improved circulation and decreased swelling in legs and arms
  • Reduced muscle spasm and tightness leading to more relaxation and stress reduction
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Assisted co-ordination

Your NDIS package can fund hydrotherapy services with us through

  • Improved daily living skills
  • Improved health and wellbeing

We offer individual sessions with our physiotherapists

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