In Room Physiotherapy


Promelius’ physiotherapists provide clarity and tailored solutions centred around resolving pain and restoring movement. Using a variety of assessment tools and special tests, your physio will identify the source of your pain, educate you on your injury, provide evidence based treatment and advice followed by a customised holistic rehabilitation plan specific to your immediate wants and long term needs.

Dry Needling
Massage isn’t the only way to assist with your recovery. Using fine filament acupuncture needles, Promelius’ physiotherapists are the experts at targeting tight, irritable and dysfunctional myofascial tissues in the body and have a 6th sense when it comes to desensitising active trigger points in muscles to restore function and improve pain.

Joint Mobilisation
Through gentile manual therapy techniques, Promelius’ physiotherapists utilise continuous passive accessory movements to glide joints to activate mechanoreceptors, stimulate a therapeutic effect and enhance joint play to reduce stiffness, pain or discomfort and improve movement.

Exercise Therapy
Promelius’ Physiotherapists have an extensive understanding of the body systems and the influence that movement has on your overall health and wellbeing. Get the best advice on how to implement exercise into your life and develop a level of empowerment to adopt healthy practices.

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