Chief Motivation Officer

Introducing Sheeba, the exuberant and lovable Border Collie, who holds the prestigious title of Chief Motivation Officer at our physiotherapy organisation! With her boundless energy and soulful eyes, Sheeba has charmed her way into the hearts of patients and staff alike. As the ultimate embodiment of enthusiasm, she has mastered the delicate art of motivation with a wag of her tail and a bounce in her step.

Sheeba's impressive qualifications include a Doctorate in Tail Wagging Dynamics and a Master's in Fetching Excellence, which have equipped her with the skills to inspire and uplift everyone around her. Her role involves enthusiastically greeting patients, boosting morale with her "pawsitive" attitude, and ensuring that every hallway is a potential playground for spontaneous games of fetch.

As our Chief Motivation Officer, Sheeba's daily tasks involve conducting regular rounds of high-fives (or high-paws) to lift spirits, orchestrating impromptu therapy dog snuggle sessions, and overseeing the quality of treats available in the break room. Her keen nose and refined taste buds ensure that only the finest snacks are enjoyed by her human colleagues.

In her free time, Sheeba revels in long walks, chasing after frisbees, and showcasing her impressive agility skills on obstacle courses. A true pioneer in the field of motivation, Sheeba's presence at our physiotherapy organization adds a dash of humor and an infectious zest for life, making her an invaluable (and irresistibly cute) team member.

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