DMI Therapy


Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is the revolutionary therapy that is changing the lives of children with motor delay. Our cutting-edge techniques are designed to help your child achieve their developmental milestones faster and more efficiently, giving them the best possible chance at reaching their full potential.

At our physiotherapy clinic in Hervey Bay, Queensland, our experienced physiotherapists work with your child to create a customised treatment plan that focuses on gross motor skills, alignment and postural control, range of motion, balance, functional movements, somatosensory development, and global development. We use DMI therapy to stimulate neuroplasticity in the developing brain, helping children with various neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder, and brain injury, among others.


With DMI therapy, your child will be challenged to respond with greater independence, resulting in improved balance, muscle control, and movement. Our exercises involve movement against gravity, progressively more challenging support, and provocation of desired movements, as well as postural and strength challenges. Each exercise is repeated around five times until the movement becomes automatic, resulting in improved function and overall quality of life.

If your child is struggling to reach key developmental milestones, such as sitting, walking, or standing unaided, DMI therapy is the solution you've been looking for. Our physiotherapists provide novel and varied sensory and motor challenges, helping your child build neurological connections between their brain and body. With DMI therapy, your child will achieve their motor milestones faster and with greater confidence than ever before.

Don't wait another day to give your child the gift of improved gross motor skills, balance, and function. Book your child's DMI therapy session today and watch them flourish. Our physiotherapists are ready to help your child achieve their full potential and live their best life. Don't let motor delay hold your child back any longer – choose DMI therapy and unlock their true potential!


Who is Dynamic Movement Intervention For?

DMI therapy works to accelerate a child’s motor skills progress over time, and therefore this form of therapy benefits children diagnosed with a range of conditions, mainly those affecting a child’s neurological ability. Some of which may include:

Cerebral Palsy
Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
Spina Bifida
Developmental Delay
High Tone Muscles
Low Tone Muscles
Charcot Marie Tooth
Brain Injury
Neuromuscular conditions

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