Director of Sleeping and Lounging activities

Meet Cyrus, the esteemed and snuggly Director of Sleeping and Lounging Activities at our renowned physiotherapy organisation! With his squishy face and curly tail, this delightful pug has stolen the hearts of both patients and staff alike. Possessing an unparalleled expertise in the art of relaxation, Cyrus has diligently worked his way to the top (of the comfiest pillow, that is).

Under Cyrus's watchful (and occasionally sleepy) eye, our team has embraced the importance of rest and rejuvenation in the healing process. With his PhD in Snoring Dynamics and a Master's in Couch Occupancy, Cyrus expertly demonstrates the value of taking breaks and restoring energy. As a pawfessional nap connoisseur, he knows just the right snoozing spots to help alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm.

Cyrus's daily tasks involve conducting thorough inspections of all nap zones, ensuring that pillows and blankets meet his high standards of fluffiness. Furthermore, he excels at providing emotional support through cuddles and, of course, the occasional sneeze or snort. Always on the lookout for the next best lounging spot, Cyrus's dedication to his role is nothing short of inspiring.

In his free time, Cyrus enjoys indulging in gourmet treats, engaging in epic tug-of-war battles, and, of course, perfecting his napping techniques. A true trailblazer in the field of relaxation, Cyrus's presence at our physiotherapy organization adds a touch of humor and warmth, making him an invaluable (and adorable) team member.

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