Twisha Mehta

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Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist

Twisha brings a bright splash of hope to Hervey Bay with her specialised knowledge of children’s movement and development. Her dedication is rooted in her advanced
education, including a Master’s degree in Paediatric Physiotherapy, which sets the stage for her profound impact on young lives.

Her unique capability shines through in Neurodevelopmental Therapy. It’s as if Twisha’s hands are guided by a blend of science and compassion, helping children
with neurological challenges to navigate their world with greater ease. Each session with Twisha is a step towards independence and joy for these little ones, as she
empowers them to overcome their physical hurdles.

Twisha’s career is a timeline of commitment and leadership in physiotherapy. Her tenure at various prestigious healthcare institutions has seen her implementing
programs, leading teams, and pioneering services that embody innovation and empathy. From coordinating development initiatives to providing high-level leadership and fostering new services and policies, she has left a trail of excellence
in her wake.

Her move to Hervey Bay has been a windfall for the community, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a vision for comprehensive care that is both inclusive and specialised. She has managed and uplifted allied health departments, blending her clinical acumen with a strategic flair that has led to increased quality of care and service delivery.

Outside the clinic, Twisha is just as dynamic. She's a wife, mum to a spirited two year old and the proud owner of three fur babies, which means her life is full of laughter and paws. Her downtime is spent exploring the natural wonders of Fraser Coast, instilling the same sense of adventure and zest for life in her family as she does in her professional practice.

Twisha’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in her extracurricular activities. She’s not just a participant but an eager student, always looking to add more tools to her kit. From courses like the McKenzie Method for back care to
Mulligan Mobilisation and seminars on safe seating, she ensures that her patients receive the most modern and effective treatments.

In Hervey Bay, Twisha is more than a physiotherapist; she's a beacon of holistic health and a nurturing force for the next generation. Her story is not just about the therapy she provides but about the lives she enriches, both in the clinic and beyond. With every move she guides and every milestone she celebrates, Twisha is crafting a legacy of health, hope, and heartfelt care.

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